Explore Hokkaido Getaway

Let's go on an adventure.

An adventure to Mt. Taisetsu National Park to see the earliest autumn leaves in the country at Asahi-dake, the highest mountain in Hokkaido. Indulge yourself in Hokkaido’s seasonal food and hot springs surrounded by the beautiful nature of the North.

Hokkaido is big! We know we have limited amount of time with you together on this island, but since you made your way all the way to this northern island, we’d love to go on a little adventure with you and really indulge ourselves with all the goodness Hokkaido can offer.

After the wedding, we’d like to go on a trip to the center of Hokkaido, Mt. Taisetsu National Park and stay two nights in hot spring resorts situated in the area at the bottom of Asashidake, the highest mountain in Hokkaido, elevation 2291 meters. Mt. Taisetsu, Asahidake area are one of the popular destination to see amazing autumn colored mountains (it’s the earliest in Japan) and hot springs around volcanic area.

Mon 10.16 - Wed 10.18


Asashidake, Mt. Taisetsu National Park


Sapporo to Asahidake
2 h 55 min
(216 km)
Estimated total 3~4 hours, with lunch and occasional stop-by 

Sightseeing Spots

旭岳  Asahidake
姿見池  Sugatami Pond
鴨沼 Kamo Pond
わさび沼   Wasabi Pond
羽衣の滝 Hagoromo Falls
滝見台   Takimi-dai: Waterfall View Deck
大雪旭岳源泉・上川  Taisetsu Asahidake Natural Spring Water Fountain
青い池 Blue Pond
美瑛の丘 Biei Hills
富良野チーズ工房 Furano Cheese Factory


  • Asahidake Ropeway to the mountain top
    [Learn More]
  • Enjoy the earliest autumn leaves in the country
  • Hiking
    ■ Sugatami Pond Route – 1 hr
    Sugatami Station → View Point → Kagami Pond → Suribachi Pond → Sutagami Station
    ■ Kamo Pond & Wasabi Pond Route – 1 hr 10min
    Maybe you can see a mystical bird
    ■ Mountain View Route – 20 mins
    View of the layers of mountains in Taisetsu
    ■ Hike To the Mounation Top for Ambitious Hiker – 2 hrs + 2 hrs to return
    Sugatami Station →  Mountain Top → Sugatami Station
    [Learn More] 
    ■ Hike to Takimi-dai, Waterfall View Deck – 1 hr
  • Hot Spring ” 源泉掛け流し”, hot spring, hot spring
  • Tasting delicious Hokkaido food
  • Dancing in the mountains
  • Take lots of amazing photos, let’s get creative
  • Star gazing
  • If you’re lucky you might encounter wild animals like fox, deers, rare birds, maybe a bear….
  • Drink and take home the famous natural spring water from the Mt. Taisetsu at the water fountain spot
  • Enjoy a view of Biei’s beautiful hills, the famous “Blue Pond” which was featured in National Geographic, Furano’s amazing ice cream & soft serve, Hokkaido cheese and wine

We are thinking to take the route with highway through Asahikawa to Asahidake on day 1. On the last day, we’ll take the route to the south through Furano, Chitose to return to Sapporo. Aoi’s dad, an expert of Hokkaido, will lead the troop!

What to wear?

Bring your comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots, warm jackets and clothes. Average temperature of October in Asahidake is around 10℃ / 50℉ in town at the bottom of the mountain, and it could be the high of 3℃ / 37℉ at the mountain top.

You don’t need a swimsuit for hot springs, because all hot spring spas are separated for gender, and everyone gets in naked in Japan. 😉

Rental Car

Driving to the destination with rental cars would be the best way to make this trip, considering the amount of luggage everyone might has, and flexibility on schedules. We can make a group of 4~5 people to rent a step wagon and split the cost. This way we can leave enough room for your big suitcases.

Based on the number of people interested in this getaway, 4 step wagons are reserved at Budget RentaCar near Sapporo Station North Exit. We can cancel one if there’s not enough people, but no later than September 30th.


Step Wagon [capacity of 8]
¥52,164 – 3 days total per car
(discounted rate)

3 days Rental fee ¥48,264
+ ¥3,900 International driver fee (¥1,300 per day)

Share among 5 people:
¥12,000 ~ ¥13,000 per person
(including gas less than ¥10,000 per car for round trip & highway toll ¥4000 yen x 2 for round trip )

Do you own an international driver’s license / are you willing to get one to become a driver for your group? Let us know!

Hotels & Lodging

There are various lodging options in Asahidake area, and they are all within walking distance to each other – so it will be easy visit each other or to meet up outside of the hotel.

We handpicked ones that we’d recommend below. Choose one that fits your budget and what you’re looking for! Want to focus on the food experience? Hot spring quality? Budget-friendly? We recommend checking availability and booking your room early before it’s gone. 


Lodges / Hostels
¥7,000 ~¥9,000 per night, per person*
Hotels ¥7,000 ~¥25,000 per night, per person*
*prices quoted here includes breakfast and dinner
*there are plans with only breakfast, or no food option
* price varies depending on the room type, food plan and amenities
* all of them have natural hot spring spa!

[Recommended Places]

湯元 湧駒荘  Yumoto Yukoman-sou (http://www.yukoman.jp/) 8,000 – 19,500 yen pp/night
Hot Spring Spa Day Use: ¥800 – ¥1500
↑ Amazing place for authentic hot spring lovers – Aoi & Ben will stay two nights here! 

旭岳温泉ディアバレー  Deer Valley
7,000 yen ~ 12,800 yen pp/night

旭岳温泉ベアモンテ  Bear Monte
7,000 yen -10900yen pp/night 

ホテルラビスタ大雪山  Hotel La Vista (http://www.hotespa.net/hotels/daisetsuzan/)
14,500yen ~ 23,500 yen pp/night

グランドホテル大雪  Grand Hotel Taisetsu (http://asahidake.net/)
12,000円~ 18,000yen /room, 1 night (6000 yen pp/night~)

白樺荘  Shirakabasou
Lodge・Hostel style,
7,890 8,940 yen pp/night

Trip Schedule

Here is a rough trip schedule we made. We’re flexible and open to your suggestions & requests!


11:30am Rent a car at rental car places
12:00pm Depart  – Drive towards Asahikawa.
1:00pm – 2:00pm Stop by for lunch
4:00pm Arrive at Asahidake, check-into the hotel
4:30pm Relax, hot spring etc
7pm – 9pm Dinner
9pm – Jump into spa again? Star-gazing? Night walk?


8am Breakfast
10am Meet at the bottom of Asahidake Ropeway
All day: Hike, explore, dance, take lots of photos  etc.



10:00am Check out from the hotel
11:00am – 12:00pm Stop by the famous “青い池” Blue Pond
12:00 – 1:00pm Drive through famous hills of “美瑛” Biei
1:00pm  – 2:00pm Lunch in Furano
3:00pm  Furano Cheese Factory
6:00pm Return to Sapporo
7:00pm Return rental car by 7pm!

We have sent a Paperless Post invitation to those who checked ``Interested in Explore Hokkaido Getaway`` on RSVP. Please check your inbox, and respond about your participation by September 23rd!